Allow override of recall when placing reserve

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Normally you cannot place a reserve on an item if a recall for that patron already exists on that biblio. This feature adds the ability to override a recall restriction when placing a reserve, sponsored by Waikato Institute of Technology.

Getting started

We need two borrowers - Borrower A and Borrower B.
We need a biblio with an item that can be recalled (based on your circulation rules). The AllowHoldPolicyOverride system preference MUST be enabled.

Test plan

  1. Check out the item to Borrower A.
  2. Log into the OPAC as Borrower B and place a recall on the same item.
  3. Go back to the staff client. Attempt to place a reserve on that item for Borrower B.
  4. Note that there is an alert "Cannot place reserve" because of the existing recall, however the 'Place hold' button should still be clickable with a warning sign.
  5. Click the 'Place hold' button, accept the confirmation to allow the reserve
  6. Confirm the reserve is added.

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