Add a button to the intranet for registering with the Koha community

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Add a button to the intranet for registering with the Koha community

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: no one
Developed by: none
Expected for:
Bug number: Bug 6293
Work in progress repository:
Description: It would be nice/interesting/useful to have better statistics on how many libraries use Koha. One way to get this could be to add a button to the Intranet that would send a small report to the "mothership" and get it registered in a database that could then be queried.

See Bug 6293 for a transcript of how the idea came up.

What needs to be done?

Add a button to Koha

Somewhere in the Intranet there should be a button called something like "Register with the Koha community". Pressing the button should submit some relevant info to a web service, preferably on

What info should be included?

  • Name of the library
  • URL of the OPAC, if it's publicly available
  • All the info from the "About Koha" page - this could give some interesting stats on OSes, Perl versions etc used in the wild
  • Geography - how could we make sure country and/or continent was included?
  • Include info about whether Z39.50/SRU is available - that way we could build a directory of search targets
  • More ideas?

Create a web service to receive the information

The information sent in should be stored in such a way that it can be queried in interesting ways, and there should probably be some kind of interface for extracting useful information.

A spider could be written that periodically went out to the known public OPACs and checked the "Generator" META-element in the HTML, to gather stats on what versions are being used and how this changes over time. There should probably be some way to opt out of this, if a library does not want to be "checked" every so often.

Alternative names

  • Report to the mothership
  • Say hi to the community
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