Website/Interface Design Agenda for 2005, May 26

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Website/Interface Design Agenda for 2005, May 26

Meeting notes for this meeting

1. Koha Website:

  • What _is_
  • How can be professional enough for libraries interested while still being a useful resource for developers?
    • Russ's Design Process (see below)
    • Current Koha Site Map(see below)
    • Proposed Koha Site Map(see below)
  • Shaun's Work on Redesign of the Site
  • Bring Your List of Koha Resources To Include
    • Koha Blogging
  • Website TODO list

2. Koha Interfaces

  • Default Template Design Process
    • (in no particular order) colors, logos, layout,standards compliance, usability, beauty, accessability(screen readers, PDAs, etc.), translations.
      • should we maintain two sets of templates: the 'programmer templates' (stripped-down versions) and the 'official default templates'?
      • should we change the way that templates are designed? (There’s been some talk about using XML markup and different templating systems, etc., but we’d need to investigate it further to determine whether we should switch to something else.)
    • see
  • Interface TODO list

3. Recruit volunteers to do TODOs

  • this will probably happen along the way

4. Roles

  • should we have an Interface Designer and if so, who?
  • are there other roles?
  • how will we handle web site design collaboration?


If you"re new to Koha you may find these references useful in evaluating our current designs and design ideas.

  • OPAC
         Rach"s Mockup:
         LibLime"s OPAC Demo:
                login: 1-10/liblime
	 HLT OPAC Demo:

        Circulation, Cataloging, Administration, and Reporting
         HLT Demo:
                login: hdl/testing
         LibLime Demo:
                login: circ/liblime

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