General IRC meeting 2015-07-08

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The #koha IRC channel (IRC server

If you don't have an IRC client you can join the meeting using your web browser.


8 July at 10:00 UTC

Conversion to your local time:


  • Introductions (please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes)
  • Announcements
  • Update on releases:
    • 3.18 (previous release)
    • 3.20 (current release)
    • 3.22 (next release)
  • KohaCon15
  • KohaCon16
  • Next steps in Fundraising
    • Voting on the ByLaws that have been written - Also to note that Biblibre, ByWater, and PTFS-europe are funding Jonathan to work for Koha on the project until we have the bylaws passed and the committee can recommend and vote on having the fund pay for him to work on Koha. We are all really excited to see how the community votes so that we can get this project rolling.
    • ByLaws: [1]
  • Support vendor listing on the website
  • GBSD - The last Global Bug Squashing Days have not generated a lot of signoffs. Why? How can we get more people excited and ready to contribute?
  • AGPL -- Should we change the license for Koha? Postponing this due to rather long agenda. Also not sure if I can attend the meeting this time. — Mirko
  • Actions from General IRC meeting 10 June 2015



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