Foundation Forming IRC Meeting 2009-09-15

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#koha IRC channel (IRC server 


Tuesday 15 September 2009 at 19:00 UTC+0

To find your local time try:



  • Brendan Gallagher, ByWater Solutions (brendan)
  • Chris Cormack, Catalyst, Translation manager (chris)
  • Chris Nighswonger, FBC (chris_n)
  • Colin Campbell, ptfs-europe (Colin)
  • Davi Diaz, worker for (davi)
  • David Birmingham, PTFS (dbirmingham)
  • David Schuster, Plano ISD (schuster)
  • Galen Charlton, Equniox (gmcharlt)
  • Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library (collum)
  • Greg Lawson, Rolling Hills Consolidated Library ( rhcl )
  • Ian Walls, NYU Health Sciences Libraries (sekjal)
  • Irma Birchall, Calyx, Australia (%%IrmaCalyx%%)
  • J. David Bavousett, PTFS (jdavidb)
  • Jane Wagner, PTFS (jwagner)
  • Joann Ransom. Acting Head of Libraries. Horowhenua Library Trust. (jransom)
  • Katrin Fischer, Germany (cait)
  • krishnan mani, India (kr1shnan_)
  • Liz Rea, Northeast Kansas Llibrary System, US (Wizzyrea_)
  • Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway (magnusenger)
  • Marshall Breeding (breeding)
  • mason (mason)
  • MJ Ray, (slef)
  • Nate Curulla, ByWater Solutions (Nate)
  • Nicole C. Engard (nengard)
  • Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library (owen)
  • Paul Poulain, BibLibre(paul_p)
  • Piotr Wejman, CSNE Library, Poland (Ropuch)
  • Rachel Hamilton-Williams, Katipo, Kaitiaki (rachel)
  • Ricardo Dias Marques, Portugal (ricardo)
  • Richard Anderson, Katipo (richard)
  • Rosalie (rosa)
  • savitra , Nucsoft (savitra)
  • Stephanie Chase, Vermont (stephaniechase)
  • stuart yeates, New Zealand (snail)
  • Sverre Helge Bolstad, Norway (sh)
  • Thomas Brevik, Bergen, Norway, Royal Norwegian Naval Academy Library (miromurr)
  • Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City (thd)
  • Vicki Teal Lovely, South Central Library System, Madison, Wisconsin (vickiteal)
  • Zeno Tajoli (CILEA) (tajoli)


Using the slef's survey at, top 4 priorities identified by attendees are:

  • ensure the ongoing shared governance of the project
  • secure the Koha name
  • Kaitiaki (guardianship) role
  • be owner of the copyright

Rather than immediately forming a new foundation, discussion moved to joining an existing one. This would be a temporary measure until the community could take the time to set up its own foundation properly.

Candidates include:

Pros and cons were discussed for all three organizations.

Concerns that need to be addressed:

  • International, or based in a specific country?
  • Stated position on FOSS?
  • Easy to get our assets back out later?
  • Clearly laying out expectations placed on the organization
    • Possible goal: reclaiming
    • -> Translates to actions: get domain, acquire hosting
  • **Defining 'we'**.
    • Who makes up the Koha Community legally, i.e. who can enter into legal relationships?
  • What are the organizations' membership requirements?
    • Do they limit who can participate?
    • Intended for librarians, developers, both?
    • Democratically managed by members?

Action items


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