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Release team for the 22.11 development cycle, available roles are documented in project roles but are not limited to those on that page. If you feel there's room for improvement somewhere in Koha release management, please submit your proposal.

  • Topic Experts - A second sign-off from a QA expert will count towards QA with additional code review from core team where needed (CAS, Shibboleth, LDAP, SIP2, Linked Data/RDF, Zebra, ...)
    • UI design: Owen Leonard
    • REST API:
    • Elasticsearch:
    • Zebra 🦓: Fridolin Somers
    • Accounts:
    • CAS/Shibboleth:
  • Documentation Manager
    • David Nind
      (unless someone else wishes to - have much more time available this release cycle)
  • Documentation Team
    • Donna Bachowski
    • Martin Renvoize - I'm keen to lend a hand on keeping up with merge requests and understanding the process.
    • Lucy Vaux-Harvey
    • Aude Charillon
  • Continuous integration infrastructure maintainer
    • Mason James

  • Social media managers
    • Twitter: David Nind
    • Facebook:
    • Linkedin:
    • Vimeo:
    • Zotero: David Nind
    • YouTube: David Nind