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Feature slush - March 15

Starting on March 15, any patch adding a new feature or enhancement which has not already been attached to a bug on Bugzilla (or submitted to Koha via git branch) will not be considered for inclusion in Koha 3.12.

During the feature slush, enhancements/new features requiring at most minor changes for inclusion will be considered. Patches with the following issues addressed during the feature slush will be candidates for 3.12:

  • Whitespace problems (e.g. tabs instead of spaces)
  • Simple perlcritic errors (a disallowed "return undef;" for example)
  • Typographical errors and misspellings
  • Missing copyright statements
  • Untranslatable strings
  • Minor functionality issues or regressions that would not require any architectural changes to the submitted code to fix
  • Poor commit messages
  • Perltidy not run on new code

Any of the above problems must be wholly fixed in order for the patch to move forward and into 3.12, of course.

Any other problems would render a patch unsuitable for consideration prior to the release of Koha 3.12. Examples of common problems that would automatically disqualify an enhancement/new feature after March 15 (note that this list is non-exhaustive):

  • Any issues that would require rearchitecting the code
  • Missing unit tests
  • Complicated perlcritic errors (e.g. disabling strictures or string requires)
  • Missing documentation
  • Passing hashes directly rather than as hashrefs when not required by an existing API (i.e. if external class A uses hashes for arguments, anything that extends A should use hashes as arguments; a new class which does not build on an existing API should use hashrefs)
  • Overzealous code removal (if a patch that is removing unused code is found to have removed code that is still relevant, the patch must wait until after 3.12 regardless of whether or not the identified problem can be easily fixed)

Feature freeze - March 22

Starting on March 22, no further features or enhancements will be pushed. It will be bugfixes only from here on out. This will allow our Docs Manager to revise the help files to reflect the features of 3.12 prior to the string freeze, below.

String freeze - May 1

Starting on May 1, no patch (other than security patches) changing translatable strings will be accepted for Koha 3.12.0.

Koha 3.12.0 Release - May 22

On May 22, Koha 3.12.0 will be released, and the 3.12 branch handed off to the 3.12 RMaint. Depending on the preferences of the 3.14 RM, 3.12 may be branched on May 22, or 3.12 may be branched earlier.


  • March 15 - feature slush
  • March 22 - feature freeze
  • May 1 - string freeze
  • May 22 - release
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