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On 10 May 2010 PTFS released a set of Koha bugfixes and enhancements under the name "Harley". As 3.2 is in feature freeze, most of the enhancements will need to be integrated into 3.4, although some of the bugfixes may make it in for 3.2. This page can be used to track the progress of the integration. (Note: the original bugzilla entries have a github link that is no longer valid; the branches can be found at .)

PTFS repository branch description bug/enh target Koha release status conflict
Features still waiting for integration as of September 2011:
ptfs/Bug3468 Enhanced patron searching, patron batch edit/delete enh 3.4 cherry-picked onto master, pushed to;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/new/ptfs_patron_features
ptfs/Bug3469 Lost patron card tracking enh 3.4 cherry picked, tidied and pushed to;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/new_features_ptfs_lost_cards -- updated patch posted to bugzilla on 2011-02-24, hasn't been pushed
ptfs/Bug3471 Enhanced borrower history enh 3.4 rebased onto master,;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/new/ptfs_bug3471
ptfs/Bug3474 Handling of and report for expired or cancelled holds, display expiration dates enh 3.4
hold expiration already added per bug 1532
ptfs/Bug3478 Display patron middle initials enh 3.4 Please see questions in the bug report -- questions answered.
ptfs/Bug3479 Prompt to save patron edits enh 3.4, possibly 3.2 RESOLVED WONTFIX-- one comment questioning need

ptfs/Bug3480 Copy item fills in data from existing item enh 3.4
functionality to add and duplicate items already present -- The later copy/duplicate functionality only appears after an item is created; this feature copies item data from an existing item at the point of creation.
ptfs/Bug3483 Show number of OPAC renewals enh 3.4 updated patch attached to bugzilla report on 2011-02-24
ptfs/Bug3484 Break down fee display on checkout tab enh 3.4 Updated patch attached to bugzilla 2011-01-09
ptfs/Bug3486 Checkout timeout button enh 3.4 Please see questions in the bug report
ptfs/Bug3487 Don't allow payment of fines on items still checked out enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug3488 Suspend and reactivate holds enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug3489 Add a trigger to send notices by item type enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug3490 Billing Notice/Debt Collect enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug3491 Set hold policies by patron category enh 3.4 possible similar functionality in Bug 5872

ptfs/Bug3492 Set hold fees by item type and charge when hold placed enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug3495 Fast bib record add at circulation enh 3.4 requires new granular permissions. Note: Fast add functionality has already been added into current head (under Circ, Fast Cataloging), but that does not allow creation of a fast add record at checkout. This feature does; it could be integrated to use the existing fast add framework and functionality, but the new point-of-checkout option (where the circ staff creates the record and then continues the checkout automatically). -- update: The fast cataloging link now shows when you enter an invalid barcode at checkout, but the current code does not incorporate the original patch's final step of checking the newly-created item out to the user.
ptfs/Bug3496 Override maximum fine at checkout enh 3.4 requires new granular permissions
ptfs/Bug3499 Allow backdating of due date enh 3.4 requires new granular permissions  Already added per bug 2965
ptfs/Bug3500 New Circulation, patron, fines, other granular permissions enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug3506 Block checkout of items with pending holds (allow supervisor override) enh 3.4
Bug 2965 may be parallel devel?
ptfs/Bug3507 Circ rules enhancements, maximum fine warning enh 3.4 See -- this feature uses maxreserves syspref as a backup, I think. If maxreserves is being removed, the feature might need some modification. Also probably has conflicts with smartrules circ rule feature in 3.2.
ptfs/Bug3509 Batch item edit enh 3.4 requires new granular permissions a batch item edit feature was contributed by BibLibre for 3.2 -- Note: BibLibre's function only allows scanning or uploading barcodes; PTFS feature allows searching on various item fields (type, location, etc.). The two could be integrated for a more complete overall feature.
ptfs/Bug3510 Allow staff to change checkin date and time enh 3.4 requires new granular permissions there is an existing dropbox mode feature -- Note: This varies from the existing dropbox function in that a checkin date can be set several days in the past, not just for the previous day. However, this feature does not roll back fines like dropbox mode does.
ptfs/Bug3535 Add syspref to control display of My Messaging tab in OPAC enh 3.2 patch sent 17 Aug 2009. Patch not pushed, but bug marked as fixed.
ptfs/Bug3658 Allow multiple criteria to be selected in Guided Reports and Statistics Reports enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug3693 Display options for buttons when holds triggered enh 3.4  

ptfs/Bug3719 Create syspref to allow sites to rename OPAC Cart enh 3.4 concerns in bugzilla entry about handling translations if done via syspref
ptfs/Bug3788 XSLT does not obey viewISBD syspref bug 3.2 closed -- reopened, no longer working
ptfs/Bug3799 Allow OPAC to use separate advanced search type settings than staff enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4237 Add other item statuses enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4238 OPAC timeout feature for patron privacy enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4239 Allow holds on multiple items of selected titles enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4240 Add a "did you mean" spell checker to the OPAC enh 3.4 requires Aspell dictionary to be loaded
ptfs/Bug4241 Add lost/claims returned displays to patron record enh 3.4 See bug notes for outstanding issues Cherry-picked these changes into branch,
ip-bug-4241-lost-tab-2010-12-28, at
ptfs/Bug4242 Checkin damaged removes item from holds queue enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4243 Show hold status in OPAC/staff enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4245 Bestseller's Club and email notifications enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4246 Koha support for Itiva Talking Tech phone notification service enh 3.4

ptfs/Bug4247 Import profiles to create items upon MARC import enh 3.4 open partial overlap with MARC modification templates proposed by Kyle Hall
ptfs/Bug4329 OPAC search by shelving location option enh 3.4

rebased and pushed as new/bug4329 - awaiting QA See bug notes for outstanding issues

ptfs/ItemSuppress OPAC item suppression (created Bug 4492) enh 3.4

ptfs/PTFS_holdstopull Improvements to Holds to Pull report enh 3.4

PTFS repository branch description bug/enh target Koha release status conflict

Already integrated or made redundant:
Backup button in creating reports enh

3.2 has a backup button/not sure if this was submitted earlier or someone else did the same thing. It's probably redundant.
ptfs/Bug3093 bug on Enhance placing of holds in staff interface bug 3.2 closed
ptfs/Bug3203 Some Letters template variables are not available to certain notice types bug
updated version now in current head
ptfs/Bug3294 call number sorting in inventory tool bug 3.2 pushed
ptfs/Bug3475 Add copy patron function enh 3.4 Similar functionality has been pushed with Bug 5432 and Bug 5575

Independently added in Biblibre's work on bug 5575

ptfs/Bug3482 Print overdue and hold notices for patrons without email addresses bug 3.2 pushed
ptfs/Bug3514 Returning items through patron Details tab doesn't activate all circulation functions bug 3.4

ptfs/Bug3531 Allow disabling of reading history enh 3.4
overlaps with patron privacy feature submitted by BibLibre for 3.2 -- the two may be incompatible.
ptfs/Bug3659 Add place hold option from patron checkout tab enh 3.4   See proposed alternative solution in the bug report

ptfs/Bug3663 Proposed changes to OPAC advanced search page enh 3.2 closed
ptfs/Bug3665 Proposed changes to staff advanced search page enh 3.4  New patch submitted. See updates in the bug report  Some of these changes had already been added to master.
ptfs/Bug3671 XSLT results list display problem if no fixed fields bug 3.2 closed
ptfs/Bug3702 Change sort order of items in staff title display enh 3.4

patch sent 9 Oct 2009, pushed 9 Dec 2009 closed

ptfs/Bug3711 Intermittent search error in OPAC bug 3.2 closed
ptfs/Bug3738 Automate login to web-based self-check system enh 3.2 pushed
ptfs/Bug3750 Modify XSLT to display subfield n of 111/711 and remove period after 110/710 enh 3.2 closed
ptfs/Bug3782 delivered z39.50 targets wrong for NY Public Library and NY University Library bug 3.2 patch sent 11 Nov 2009; subsequent problems diagnosed as indexing/config issues at NYU (see bugzilla entry)
ptfs/Bug3789 Set off Shelving Location in staff and OPAC title display enh 3.4 patch sent 17 Nov 2009, pushed to master 2010-12-14
ptfs/Bug3790 Fix item sort to be by library in OPAC record display, XSLT fix for call number spacing bug 3.2 patch sent 17 Nov 2009
ptfs/Bug3928 Expected Date v. Received Date bug 3.2 pushed
ptfs/Bug4057 Fix spacing in XSLT OPAC display for 245 subfield f bug 3.2 pushed
ptfs/Bug4210 Acquisitions suggestion templates have library name field, but data is not passed bug 3.2 pushed, needs testing
ptfs/Bug4257 Advance notices calculation for items can result in "blank" notice being sent bug 3.2 pushed
ptfs/Bug4270 Instructions for loading patron attributes are wrong bug 3.2 closed
ptfs/Bug4300 Display 866z summary holdings public note in OPAC enh 3.2 pushed
ptfs/Bug4353 Add div tags to staff advanced search page enh 3.2 closed
ptfs/PTFS_holdvoldisp display serials information when placing holds enh 3.4
Is probably made redundant by Katrin Fischer's patch on Bug 3380.
ptfs/PTFS_noticesfix notices fixes bug 3.4
ptfs/Bug3498 Allow partial fine payments enh 3.4 requires new granular permissions. Colin Campbell has rebased the initial patch against 3.2_beta as the branch bug_3498 at -- patches updated in April 2011 are attached to the bugzilla report. -- Colin rebased and feature was pushed to current head in Sept. 2011. There is a competing implementation by Kyle Hall
This created a BCC feature for notices; someone has already added similar functionality to head with the OverdueNoticeBcc syspref, so this one is probably redundant
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