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Comments in the OPAC - enhancements

Status: unknown
Sponsored by: none
Developed by: none
Expected for: none
Bug number: Bug 5503
Work in progress repository: No URL given.
Description: Here is the workflow I am considering.

Student logs into their account Finds a book Writes a review of the book or makes a comment

  • when the save/submit button is clicked the librarian is notified(based on borrowers home library and the library email in the locations table)

Librarian goes to tools/comments and looks for reviews from their location

  • Location of borrower is added to the comments page with a jquery sort option
    o Librarian finds review and can "edit" review before accepting or just accept(Granular permission?)
    o In the PAC the name displays currently would like to change that to a system preference:
    o First and last name, First name, Last name, First name with Last Initial, none, nick, or login ID.

David Schuster Plano ISD

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