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I recently had opportunity to work with a group of folks who want Koha to work better in Arabic, which is one of a small number of right-to-left languages that are nominally supported in Koha. The work I did there uncovered a number of other problems with Koha's I18N/L10N features and the translation process as it currently exists. As Translation Manager, I would like to focus some of my time and attention to these matters, while continuing the growth of translation of Koha and its' documentation.


  • Operate a Pootle server for the benefit of translators; discuss with active translators how/if this can be improved over existing processes.
  • Work with the Documentation Manager on how to get the manual and database docs translatable.
  • Discuss with translation leaders how to encourage more (and ever-higher-quality) translators to start working on Koha.
  • Work out methods for more-rigorous testing of .po files against the current template set before each release, so that (as happened in 3.8.0, Arabic) we don't have a situation where the translation script *fails* due to ill-formatted translation files. Automate this as much as possible.
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