Critical circ bugs

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Bugs needing to be fixed pre 3.18 release


Waiting for RM


Needs sign-off/Testing


Needs QA

Waiting for RM


No Patch

  • Bug 12489 Ajax checkout table: no "loading..." popup

Needs sign off

Needs QA


  • Bug 13237 Regression: List of previous checkouts should be ordered by due date ascending
  • Bug 13030 Show waiting hold expiration date for waiting holds on

Waiting for RM


  • Bug 9165 Allow preventing passwords from being stored locally when using LDAP
  • Bug 12550 Add ability to delay loading of patron's checkouts in circulation and patron details
  • Bug 12729 Overdue items won't show as overdue in red in circulation
  • Bug 12778 Regression: Item lost status doesn't show in list of checkouts
  • Bug 12811 Patron 'Details' and 'Check out' pages not working properly for staff users which don't have renewal override permissions
  • Bug 12831 local only logins should still work when ldap authentication is enabled
  • Bug 12883 Holds tab on checkout screen never stops processing
  • Bug 12892 Holds Waiting: not showing from check out screen
  • Bug 12899 Row grouping in checkouts table is alphabetical and layout depends on words chosen in translation
  • Bug 12963 Columns misplaced in
  • Bug 13020 Checkouts table default ordering is incorrect
  • Bug 13122 Patron holds table no longer display date item went in transit
  • Bug 13168 "Today's checkouts" sort improperly because issuedate lacks seconds.
  • Bug 13190 Export checkout list does not work anymore
  • Bug 13195 Regression: Circulation checkouts table no longer shows item type description
  • Bug 13196 "Always show checkouts immediately" cookie should persist across sessions
  • Bug 13215 letter.code is considered as a primary key - Consequence is that we can't add different notice templates for various branches if the letter code is harcoded (CHECKIN, HOLD, ...)
  • Bug 13236 Regression: Table of checkouts no longer preselects overdue items for rewewal
  • Bug 13253 Unnecessary white space above checkouts table in circulation
  • Bug 13258 Clicking the "show checkouts" button should return focus to the barcode field
  • Bug 12971 Regression: Patron print summary doesn't show checkouts
  • Bug 13289 Calendar with weekly repeating holidays completely broken by DataTables upgrade
  • Bug 13293 Regression: Override renewal limit option broken with AJAX circ
  • Bug 13329 Can't make new suggestion with AllowPurchaseSuggestionBranchChoice turned on
  • Bug 13330 All overdue items with fines returned via checkouts table will have fines forgiven!
  • Bug 13332 Items disappear from staff detail page when there is an on-site checkout