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To follow the previous Benchmark for 3.22, I have decided to replay the same script on different versions of Koha to compare them. Now that plack and memcached are considered as stable, the idea is to highlight the fact that using them should bring a lot of performance improvements in new versions.



The script

The same selenium script has been used.

The goal is to benchmark different actions a Koha user is doing regularly.

The script can be found in the Koha codebase at t/db_dependent/selenium/basic_workflow.t

It collects the execution time spent to execute different kind of actions:

  • main => hit and login
  • add patron category => hit admin/, fill the form and submit it
  • add patron => hit /members/, fill the form and submit it
  • add biblio => Add 3 bibliographic records without using the interface, we will forget this step
  • add item => Create 3 items (1 per bibliographic record) by hitting /cataloguing/ We don't fill the form (too DB dependent), just an empty form
  • checkout => Check the 3 items out to a patron: hit /circ/, fill the barcode form and submit it
  • checkin => Return the 3 items: hit /circ/, fill the barcode form and submit it
  • search => Search for "s", then "d" (/catalogue/, /catalogue/ Both search will return 20 results

The last (search) step is a new one I have just added for this benchmark.


I have used a kohadevbox on a i5-6200U with 8Gio of RAM (2Gio are allocated to the box), SSD


I have written a new script in the koha-misc4dev repository.

The Koha versions 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20, 3.22, 16.05 and 16.11 have been compared. To do so a new branch perf_${version}.x has been pushed to my Koha github repository

See the README file (section "You want to benchmark Koha") to know how to replay the benchmarks by yourself.

Please replay them to get more numbers and confirm (or not) mine.

Important: The branches used are the latest ones, so much more different from the original releases (3.18.0 vs 3.18.13)

The data

benchmark (number of seconds per step, less is better).
x 3.14 3.16 3.18 3.20 3.22 3.22 Plack 16.05 16.05 Plack 16.11 16.11 Plack
main 2.316 2.34 2.422 3.982 4.156 1.174 4.4 1.1 4.284 1.102
add patron category 3.164 3.236 3.404 3.95 6.738 2.078 7.198 2.266 7.27 2.32
add patron 4.374 5.206 6.18 5.642 6.726 1.89 6.882 1.94 6.944 2.096
add items 10.988 11.008 11.7 12.236 15.15 5.224 15.868 5.164 16.658 6.636
checkout 7.716 14.8 12.986 14.266 14.998 5.06 16.038 5.23 15.388 5.838
checkin 6.334 7.052 6.828 7.348 12.884 3.478 14.498 4.06 14.4 4.226
search 3.338 3.434 5.798 6.218 7.656 5.854 7.17 4.32 6.638 3.928

And the handsome graph

Benchmark 314 1611.png

Quick conclusion/interpretation

  • Compare with the previous benchmarks, we do not find back the improvements brought by 3.20. I have tried several times and always get the same graph. It might come from wrong data generated previously (or things got pushed between 3.20.0 and 3.20.15).
  • There is still the gap between 3.20 and 3.22 for the "add items" step. And it is still increasing between 16.05 and 16.11. It seems that we have something to have a look and improve in this area.
  • The execution time for the search step is decreasing since 3.22 (certainly comes from the marc structure data we cache, see 16431 and 16365)

Let's go further

It's time to compare what bring us memcached and plack.

I'd like to know if memcached bring us lot of performance improvements.

I have slightly modified the benchmark script (see branch plack_vs_memcached) to execute the same scripts given different factors:

  • memcached and plack are stopped (16.11)
  • memcached is started but plack is disabled (16.11_memcached)
  • memcached is stopped but plack is enabled (16.11_plack)
  • memcached and plack are started (16.11_plack_and_memcached)
  • I created a new commit on top of the perf_16.11.x branch wich makes Koha::Cache->set_in_cache does nothing, i.e. returns directly (16.11_plack_no_cache)

Benchmark 314 1611 plack vs memcached.png

We can see that plack brings us a lot compared to memcached.

It's surprising not to see a much bigger difference between 16.11_plack and 16.11_plack_and_memcached (there is something wrong here!)

But 16.11_plack_no_cache shows us that our caching system is very useful (at least the L1 cache) for the search and add items steps.

I have to admit that I would have expected 16.11.x be better than 3.22.x

What's next?

Bug 17819 - Performance 16.11 - Omnibus will collect the different performance improvements found for 16.11

Template caching

Bug 7533 - Add template_cache_dir to the koha-conf.xml file will add the template_cache_dir to the koha-conf.xml file.

It brings a huge performance boost.

Benchmark template caching.png

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